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Campaign for Colney is a politically neutral single-issue campaign group.

C4C was set up in response to the Hertsmere local plan proposal for a new Garden Village on land around
London Colney and Colney Heath.

Its purpose is to ensure the voice of the people of London Colney and Colney Heath is heard whilst the
development is under consideration and, if it should progress, then through the process of design and build.
It was set up in response to the consultation process set up by Hertsmere council regarding the development,
which has not included any scope for engagement with the people of London Coney, Colney Heath and the
surrounding areas.

The focus of the campaign group is a Facebook group “Campaign for Colney”.

The steering group aims to meet on a fortnightly basis. The committee members, some of which are aligned to
political parties, are experts in particular areas. These areas will be their focus free of political party input or influence.

Membership of the group is through joining the Facebook group or by joining a maintained list of members
without Facebook access, but with e-mail or postal contact details.

The group aims to be transparent and honest in relaying information to stakeholders concerned and affected
by developments.

The group aims to give a platform to stakeholders concerned about aspects of the proposal. It also acts to
ensure other stakeholder groups are representing residents’ concerns affectively.

The group aims to challenge Hertsmere directly regarding aspects of the planned development. These
challenges could be based around Infrastructure, scope of the development, green and ethical issues, amongst

Campaign for Colney is coordinated by Brett Ellis supported by a steering group designed to be representative of the people of the area, which is not dominated by any interest groups or political parties.

Further aims and objectives include:

  • To attempt to ensure formal consultation of London Colney and Colney Heath residents on the proposals.
  • To attempt to ensure the rural character of the Vale of St Albans is not impacted by the proposals
  • To attempt to ensure that any proposals do not have an adverse effect on the transport, water supply and sewerage/drainage of the area.
  • To attempt to ensure proposals do not have an adverse effect on the green belt separating Colney Heath, London Colney and Shenley villages.
  • To attempt to ensure proposals do not lead to an increase in air, noise and other pollutions in the area