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London Colney residents ‘Under Attack’

St Albans New local plan consultation received criticism this week from members of the Campaign
for Colney group. C4C was set up last year to oppose the Hertsmere ‘preferred’ plan to build a new
garden village of 4000-8000 new homes on the border of Hertsmere at London Colney.

C4C raised concerns regarding Hertsmere’s lack of consultation with Colney residents, the exact size
and scope of the proposal, as well as issues surrounding infrastructure, the green belt and traffic.
C4C were also critical at the time of St Albans District Council (SADC) who they deemed to not be
‘acting on local resident’s behalf’s’.

The C4C committee has this week taken aim at SADC regarding their consultation process (featured
in last week’s Review). A C4C statement reads: ‘St Albans have rushed a new local plan after their
initial plan was thrown out in the High Court last Summer’. ‘They were recently put on notice (one of
only 15 of 418 authorities) deemed to be making ‘insufficient progress’ with their local plan’.
A C4C spokesman added ‘The consultation consists of a questionnaire that is not fit for purpose.
Mary Maynard, during a meeting in November 2017, publicly informed Colney residents that SADC
have ‘little choice’ but to consider a further development in London Colney’. The proposals indicate
8 sites that have been identified as (preferred) green belt review broad locations’. ‘One of these is in
London Colney, with another 2 sites in St Albans’.

‘SADC have given no detail regarding the proposed size of these developments or supporting
infrastructure. The market research is not being undertaken independently and contains poorly
constructed questions designed to illicit the responses that will give SADC the green light’. ‘It is
unsurprising that SADC did not act on residents behalf last year, as they are now proving to be part
of the problem, not the solution’. ‘The SADC plan is very similar to the Hertsmere plan. This is not a
consultation; it looks like another fait accompli’.

The spokesman continued ‘The government is planning for 300,000 new houses to be built across
the UK. London Colney consists of 4500 homes and 10000 residents. Per capita, we should be
planning to build 44 homes to ‘do our bit’. At present we expect the Hertsmere plan to issue a final
proposal for around 6000 homes. In addition SADC are planning a substantial development
elsewhere in London Colney. We feel as if we are under attack, residents are not being listened to
and we are being made a dumping ground for this and previous government’s failure to address the
housing issues in the UK’.